ABOUT: You can enjoy being good back to the people who make the oil.

Every time you buy a bottle of Naturess Argan Oil, some of your money goes straight back to the Berber communities. You can enjoy feeling 100% safe using our product(s). We don’t add colours, perfumes, preservatives or parabens. We deliver the product to you just as nature(ss) intended.

You can look young and gorgeous from head to toe.

That’s because we will always make sure our product stays 100% pure, organic and deodorised.

The product

Benefits of Naturess Oil

Naturess Arganoil for skin

Your skin is amazing. It’s waterproof and acts as an insulating shield against extremes of temperature, harsh chemicals, damaging sunlight and air pollution. When you think about it, your skin does a lot of hard work. Doesn’t it deserve a reward? Look no further than Naturess Argan Oil. You couldn’t be kinder to your skin if you tried. Naturess Argan Oil is bursting with natural nutrients which keep your skin incredibly hydrated and in tip top condition. "You can instantly see the hydrating power of argan oil"

Naturess Arganoil A natural healer and protector

Naturess Argan Oil consists of 80% fatty acids and naturally high concentrations of Vitamin E, antioxidants and Omega 6. It also contains triterpenoids, which can reduce the effects of scarring. Our oil has anti-bacterial properties, acts as an anti-inflammatory and can protect the skin against pollution and sun damage. It can help clear acne and blemishes, as well as relieve symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. How cool is that for something made by Mother Nature(ss)?

Naturess Arganoil for mother & baby

Naturess Argan Oil can be used when you’re pregnant. Which is fabulous news for all you expectant mothers out there. It’s wonderful for preventing stretchmarks and it can also improve your skin’s elasticity. And it’s not just phenominal for your body, it’s great for your baby’s skin too. It’s so gentle, it can be used by everyone in the family.

Naturess Arganoil for Hands

Lots of us get dry skin on our hands. Naturess Argan Oil’s soothing and healing qualities can help, especially if you’re prone to skin problems. Massage in a little of Naturess Argan Oil and in no time you’ll get your beautiful, soft hands back. We think you’ll be so happy with your new hands, you’ll want to shake ours.

Naturess Arganoil for nails

There’s nothing more unsightly than dry, flaking nails which are prone to splitting. And wearing nail varnish can often make the problem worse. Thanks to Naturess Argan Oil, help is at hand. Massage the oil into your nails and cuticles. It won’t be long before you notice softer cuticles and less brittle nails. Job done.

Naturess Arganoil For Hair

Your hair is under constant attack. Chemical dyes, hair dryers, hair straighteners, UV rays, chlorine from swimming pools and environmental pollutants, all help to create dry, frizzy and brittle hair.

Well, it’s time to transform your lackluster locks back into your crowning glory. Naturess Argan Oil is a natural cure for damaged, lifeless hair. It nourishes and moisturises each hair from root to tip, making your hair stronger, glossier, fuller and healthier. The oil is remarkably light, so it is easily absorbed without making your hair greasy. And because Naturess Argan Oil is deodorised, there’s no smell. For miraculous results, massage a small amount into your hair. If you suffer from a dry scalp, make sure you massage the oil right into the roots. Wash Naturess Argan Oil out with shampoo. For a more intensive conditioning treatment, keep the oil in overnight and wash your hair in the morning. You’ll be astonished at how shiny, soft and full of life your hair looks. Don’t blame us when you start hearing wolf whistles everywhere you go.

Naturess Arganoil For body

Your body is in for a treat. For best results massage the oil gently into your skin after a bath or a shower. Remember the oil is so pure, it only takes a small amount to make a big difference. Frequent use of Naturess Argan Oil will ensure you’re left with soft, smooth and irresistible feeling skin. It’ll feel so fantastic, you won’t be able to stop hugging yourself.

For a little bit of added luxury, why not put one or two teaspoons of the oil into your bath water? You can relax while Naturess Argan Oil is thoroughly pampering your skin.

Have you been overdoing it at the gym? If you’re suffering from tired, aching muscles, massage a small amount of the oil into them. Naturess Argan Oil’s anti-inflammatory qualities will help you go from sore muscles to soothed muscles.

Naturess Arganoil stops the Signs of ageing

Isn’t it comforting to know there’s a natural anti-ageing product that isn’t full of chemicals? Naturess Argon Oil contains squalene, phytosterols and phenolic compounds. Sound a bit bamboozling? All you need to know is that these natural ingredients help fight premature ageing. They keep your skin super soft and supple, protect collagen and fight off free radicals. Naturess Argon Oil, quite literally, rejuvenates your skin. And it can help reduce the signs of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Which keeps you looking younger. What’s not to love about that?

Naturess Arganoil for face

Apply one or two drops of the oil to your face and massage it in gently. You’ll find the oil is easily absorbed and penetrates deeply into your skin. Now all you have to do is sit back and feel it work wonders. Naturess Argan Oil can also be used to moisturise your lips, which means you can keep them wonderfully luscious and kissable. And did you know you could even use Naturess Argan Oil on your eyelashes? If they feel a bit dry, worry not. A tiny amount of Naturess Argan Oil will have your eyelashes feeling all silky. You’ll be back to fluttering them in no time

——— Quotes ———

“Cosmetics expert Marla Malcolm Beck”

"Argan oil has incredible conditioning and anti-aging properties that keep hair and skin revitalized," says "It's great for dry skin, does not clog pores, helps minimize fine lines, and can treat split ends."

"Argan oil be used to prevent stretch marks, and even improve certain skin conditions. "Argan oil can help people with mild acne as the oleic acid found in the oil helps promote healthy levels of sebum production, and its linoleic acid helps prevent excess dead skin cells by promoting healthy skin turnover."

“Telegraph UK”

“Do you really need to spend the earth on fancy moisturisers? In a word, no. Argan oil is probably the best-kept beauty secret. “


“Argan oil is one of the best products to use on hair”

——— Info ———


    Dry skin
    Sun allergy


  • It is obtained from the seeds of the rare Argan tree

  • It has numerous health and beautifying effects

  • The manual process of producing Argan oil is laborious

  • Mechanical presses are now used to produce the oil more efficiently

  • Argan oil provides Berber women a sustainable means of livelihood

  • Argan oil’s many benefits make it an amazing addition to anyone’s beauty and health regimen
    * Please note, if you suffer from a nut allergy, consult your doctor first before using.